Our Services

We help resolve Addiction issues, PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), Anxiety issues, Depression, Phobias, Unprocessed negative emotions, Limiting self beliefs, Emotional triggers and more. The root cause of a repeated behaviour or a stagnant negative emotion, is always in the unconscious mind.  This is why we can be consciously aware of it but continue to play out the same behaviours recreating the same problematic situations. 

At Reframe Therapies we resolve these issues using various techniques and assist the client in letting go of them on a level that they are not yet conscious of. Essentially, we don't deal with the events or circumstances of ones life, we help dissolve the core issue that caused the creation and recreation of those events. We bring the client out of these patterns, out of the feeling "I'm not safe, I'm not in control, somethings wrong" back down to "calm and safe".

If you prefer we can hold sessions over Zoom or Skype.  For more information please Contact us.

The Richard Trauma Process
Meridian Tapping
Neuro Linguistic Programming
Holistic Drug & Alcohol Counselling