Working with darkness.

Working with the darkness.

I will not tell you not to panic, I will not tell you not to be frightened and not to worry, I will not comfort you with more words by attempting to reframe and manipulate your experience. I will not help you to further disconnect from whats happening within you. No. I will enter the darkness with you.

I will teach you to investigate. To watch your inner turmoil, to enter into it fully and dismantle the inner world, I will step onto the titanic with you. We will go into the very thing you have been running from to find out whats inside. To find out for sure if what you believe about yourself and about the world holds any truth.

Instead of covering up the fear and the anxiety with more false words. I will invite you to stay with the fear instead. To feel it in you're body without running. To hold this darkness and this wound with a fixed but gentle gaze.

I will not teach you how to be happy, I will not teach you how to escape your pain, I will hold your hand as you enter it as the indestructible essence that you are.

I will not attempt to bring comforting figures of light into your experience, to give you more beliefs you can use to fool yourself with about how it will all be ok. No, we will enter into the darkness together, into the uncertainty and into the unknown.

We will watch and stand in the middle of the storm together as the darkness reveals itself for what it really is.

Matt Nettleton.


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