What Do You Really Want?

What do you really want?

All the seeking...

All the attempts to fix yourself...

All the attempts to please others...

All the running away...

All the healing, all the practices, the yoga, the meditation...

And then all the self sabotage...

All the study and the "personal growth"...

All the self help and spiritual books...

All the relationships...

All the jobs, the attempting to find your "purpose"...

Have you ever questioned or asked yourself, what is it that I REALLY want?

Have you ever let yourself dive into this question so deeply, that you find yourself disappearing?

Have you ever looked honestly at what is orienting your life? At where your desire's are coming from?

Have you ever allowed yourself to look upon yourself and the world without the idea that you or others are broken, have you ever looked upon anything without a need, or a want being placed upon it? Have you ever looked at the people around you, or even your family and loved ones in this way?

What is it that you really want?

I don't mean surface things, I don't mean what kind of car you want, or whether you want a family, or whether you want to be more awakened or whether you want a higher income, or whether you want a loved one to stop destroying themselves... These things can be enjoyed or suffered, but by now have you not realised that they will never completely satisfy you, no matter how much of it changes to suit you?

I mean what do you REALLY want? in the deepest most hidden parts of your heart, what is the hidden desire, this misunderstanding that is causing all this running around, this confusion, this abandoning of yourself for the things of the world?

I can't answer this for you, but it is a invitation to inquire. To question... Is what I think I want, what I really want?

What would happen if you got what you think you want? Well, you would want something else...

So what is it you really want? Find out, because if you realise what you really want is what you are, you will experience the collapse of wanting... And only when this kind of compulsive wanting collapses, can you really enjoy and love the things you thought you wanted.

Only when this compulsive wanting collapses will you be able to look upon the people and things you do have with grateful and loving eyes.


Matt Nettleton



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