Trauma - Being Disembodied vs. Emodied.

Trauma - Being Disembodied vs. Emodied.

Currently on our planet, it is very rare for someone to live directly from the body's intelligence instead of the conceptualising mind.

We conceptualise and live in our minds because of the deep well of pain that exists in our body's. Its safe to focus our attention on thought, it's a survival strategy as to not come down and feel whats within the body.

We have a unbelievable amount of personal, collective and primal trauma/wounding that exists within our unconscious and our body. We disconnect totally from our body's because of this.

Overtime we accumulate pain, every time we are shamed for something when we are young, when we are made to feel guilty, when we feel humiliated, when we feel unsafe, or feel abused, the body remembers this and holds the energy of it. As the world renowned trauma specialist Bessel Van Der Kolk bluntly states in the title of his book "The body keeps the score".

Because of this accumulation, we become disembodied. We dissociate from our body's and live only within the thinking mind. With attention primarily on thinking.

This isn't only for people who have had extreme trauma's, this is a human condition. Stuck in a conceptualising virtual reality, cut off from the intelligence of life that flows through our body's.

Our body is FAR more intelligent than our limited mind. The mind conceptualises, judges and labels experience, creating a perceptual overlay which disconnects us from reality. The body senses experience. Like a dog sensing whether its going to rain, our body's have this capability also.

But we are cut off from this intelligence. So we live primarily in past and future (in the mind) in a kind of daydream because as soon as we really enter our body's (The present) the first thing we meet is our carried pain, whether it be collective, or personal.

There is no quick way to resolve the layers and layers and layers of pain that exist within the human psyche, it takes time and diligence. But we have to meet it bit by bit and reclaim our body's, and by reclaiming our body's we reclaim our connection to the whole of life.

The same energy that beats the heart, digests the food and heals our wounds is the same energy that grows an apple on a apple tree.

The mind doesn't beat the heart, thoughts don't digest our food. Life does this. And that life energy is within us, but we have disconnected from it.

Our body's are a gateway into presence, back into to life and to wholeness, and back to each other .

We must work from the ground up. From the root systems, and not keep trimming leaves on a enormous tree of collective pain that has been growing and abandoned within the human psyche for eons.

Hold awareness in your body, and notice how quickly your attention shifts back to thinking. Then once you notice this, bring awareness back into the body. Do this all day, it will make conscious all the painful energies you have suppressed within yourself, your mere presence and attention within the body heals it.

Slowly, we return to being a sensing being, instead of a thinking being as we start to be oriented by our innate intelligence, which is life itself.


Matt Nettleton

Senior NRAM Facilitator and Trainer

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