Trauma, an energetic imprint.

Trauma is simply an unprocessed energetic imprint held the body from past experience. Everyone has trauma.

Not to minimise catastrophic experiences such as extreme abuse, or war etc. But to not acknowledge that even subtle and small events have an effect on people later in life is a form of minimisation.

We have inside us, not only a large amount of unprocessed pain from our life experiences but we also carry the pain of our parents, ancestors and on a deeper level the collective pain of humanity.

We all have our own stories, our own narratives about who we are and what the world is, a lot of the time these narratives are shaped by trauma and hold quite painful core beliefs.

We then view the world through a lense of a traumatised narrative, no wonder most of us live in fear, take medication, use drugs, suffer from anxiety and depression. Not only are those kind of thoughts repeatedly attacking us in our heads all through the day and night, but we have the dense feelings that accompany them held in our body.

A whole lot of this plays out unconsciously, usually controlling our lives and our behaviour. We feel unsafe, unworthy, not enough and we act according to those beliefs/feelings.

Everyone knows the greedy rich man who will take everything he can, acting unconsciously from a belief that may be along the lines of "I have to take it or I won't survive" that greedy rich man, is playing out his trauma.

The energetic imprint of our trauma plays out in our behaviour patterns, our reactions, our thoughts, all areas of our lives, recreating itself, sabotaging us at every turn, damaging ourselves and others.

To free these patterns we need to heal on a somatic level. We heal in the body, in the unconscious, not in the conscious/cognitive mind. We heal the energetic imprint of the past thats held within our whole system. Bringing our system back into now.

Start to be aware of your inner world, what drives you? Whats making the decisions?

Thats where the cleanup job begins. And that’s how we clean up the outside world, because inner and outer are not seperate, they only appear to be.


Matt Nettleton.

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