There Is Nothing Wrong with You

There is nothing wrong with you.

One of the biggest blocks to true healing, is the belief there is something wrong with being broken.

I spent my whole life believing there was something wrong with me. I felt isolated, alone, disconnected from others, disconnected from myself and from all of life.

Not only did I believe this but my circumstances seemed to prove that belief right. I viewed everything that happened as proof that I was fundamentally flawed.

Our humanness is so often perceived as wrong, it’s such an ingrained belief to have for us. Being human involves all the ups and downs, the love, the heartbreak, the joy and the pain. There is nothing wrong with it, we are the ones who label and judge it as wrong, but no matter how much we fight against it, no matter how much we push it away, we are stuck with it. It doesn’t ever go anywhere.

No matter what spiritual insights we attain, no matter the work we do on ourselves, we will never loose our humanness.

This pushing away, this fear of being human means we are not fully living. It’s also the cause of so many problems we have, everything we push down, run away from, judge as wrong gets pushed down and builds up in our system, waiting to be allowed.

There is nothing wrong with you, the idea that there is something wrong is just a thought. An ingrained idea imposed on us by a culture that promotes and expects perfection upon our inherit imperfection.

It’s easy to say this, but to truly see through the belief that there is something wrong brings about a deep sense of calm in the midst of our messy humanness. A peace that cannot be broken. A feeling that all is ok, that this is life and it’s all included.

And when we accept our own humanness we accept others, as all judgement on others is truly only self judgement.

We can forgive ourselves for being human, and when we do that we automatically forgive others for being human, and we can start to open up to the heartfelt sense of our shared humanity.


Matt Nettleton

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