The Sacred Power of Anger

The Sacred Power of Anger.

Before anger becomes anger, before we tell a story about it and project it outward in the form of blame and resentment. Before the energy of anger rises up into the mind, it is pure power. It is the power of our life force. A holy and sacred kind of rage.

Tornados, tsunamis, earthquakes and natural disasters. The raw power of the universe hidden behind the minds interpretation of what we call anger. The force of Kali, the destructive power of the totality.

We are taught if not forced to shut down our power. For our very survival in our culture we must deny and abandon it. We bury it because we are afraid of it. We are afraid of what we are capable of if we let it surface. We don't believe we deserve to be as powerful as we are. And in this denial and attempt to shut it down it begins to come out sideways usually towards those that are closest to us. It seeks expression like a caged gorilla.

Before anger becomes anger, it is the power of the universe. It lives within you. Own it.

Underneath this anger is another layer that we have suppressed and protect our selves from at all costs, everything we do is actually an attempt to protect us from this. it is a raw and sweet vulnerability felt in the heart space. It is so vulnerable that it could be pictured as a naked newborn, shaking and quivering, utterly defenceless. This is what lives at the core of our trauma.

This vulnerability is the only thing we are ever really protecting ourselves from. Our defencelessness and innocence remains untouched like a diamond buried beneath the earth.

To stay with this vulnerability is an act of courage. To remain still and present within the face of this innocence is terrifying, all our defences can arise in an attempt to protect ourselves from it. But just underneath it is all the love we have ever searched for. The love of existence.

This is not some spiritual woo woo, at a certain point this is directly experienced. It is KNOWN, and not KNOWN ABOUT, it is EXPERIENCED, and not BELIEVED. We directly experience the truth behind the words. The Reality of what we are and what everything is it reveals itself. We realise ourselves as the totality.

Matt Nettleton

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