The Perfectly Imperfect Truth of You

The same energy that grows a baby in a womb created you. The same energy that grows a tree created you. The same energy that does everything in the universe is what created you, it took billions of years for the imperfect perfection that is you to come into existence.

As we grow up, we start to really loose our authenticity as a pure expression of life. This may be due to experiences and circumstances causing us to feel unsafe to express ourselves, feeling unworthy, or we may of simply been told at different stages that we are wrong, that there is something wrong with us.

The energy of life is very busy creating more and more individuals each day. But we seem to have a deeply ingrained feeling that its not ok to be us, that life somehow messed up when it created us.

Underneath all the debris, all the belief systems, all the pain, all the thinking and all the stories the minds telling you, is who you really are.

Its always there, like a diamond buried under a mountain of mud. Like the sun shining behind dense clouds. When we become aware of the Truth ourselves, all the lies we where telling ourselves begin to drop away. We start to have a major shift of identity, which can be scary, terrifying, and even feel as though we are dying at times.

The truth of you is that you are always present, you are always here and now, you have never been anyone else except who you really are, you only imagined yourself to be something else.

You innocently believed you where something you where not, you innocently believed there was something wrong, that you where a mistake.

The whole universe conspired to bring you into existence. You are so much more than what you believe. All your imperfections are apart of your perfection, Its all included and all more than ok.

How innocent it was of us to believe there was something wrong, as if creation could of possibly make a mistake.


Matt Nettleton

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