The Misperception About Who You Are.

The Misperception About Who You Are.

When we go through life we gather experiences, some nice, and some not so nice. Some, lovely, and some traumatic.

These experiences leave an imprint within our psyche in the form of thoughts (words and images) and also sensations in our body. They become the very foundation for what we call an identity. For the purpose of this post I will focus solely on traumatic experiences and the deficient self thats created from them to attempt to get across how a fundamental misperception is created about "who" we are.

If we experience abuse, we contract within our system, maybe in the heart space or the gut area or perhaps all over. We freeze up and we never really fully let go again. That contraction becomes frozen within our system, we carry that guarded contraction everywhere we go, in every situation, tensing up against experience as a way to stay safe.

This feeling of contraction becomes our identity on a somatic level, it becomes the felt sense of who we are.

On top of that, there is also the creation of a perceptual overlay. A story we tell ourselves about who we are, which can play out consciously or unconsciously. The story may be along the lines of:

"Im not good enough and ill always be abandoned and abused, Im a shit person and I hate myself, life is horrible and bad things always happen to me, I don't deserve anything good etc."

So we have the felt sense of who we are, this frozen and deficient feeling in our body, and we have the perceptual overlay of the story "about" who we are. These create the fundamental misperception. None of these stories, or these feelings are really who we are. They are nothing more than conditioned mind patterns accompanied by a sensation. Which gives the appearance and feeling of a "me" who holds all these issues.

We are so programmed to believe these stories and sensations to be real that we never really investigate them, instead we attempt to fix or change a sense of self that we never really where.

Healing is not healing something that is broken, it is seeing through a fundamental misperception about who/what we are. We are already whole, complete. Our sense of deficiency arose only from a believing in a false sense of self.

Investigate this "self" that you so innocently believe is who you are. You will eventually see clearly that it is nothing more than an innocent misunderstanding.

What is false can never stand up to our investigation.


Matt Nettleton

Senior KI Facilitator and Trainer

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