Stepping out of control, and into trust.

Stepping out of control, and into trust. 🌱

The need to control every experience implies our total lack of faith/trust in life, lliving primarily from the head and not the heart, living in from an attitude that we know best, that we know more about how things should be than the intelligence that created us.

As my journey deepens, I step more and more into trust. The word trust doesn't even do it justice, its more a knowing that I, and those around me will be taken care of, a letting go, as the need to worry or force things to happen ebbs away.

We spend most of our lives unconsciously terrified of whats going to happen next, if I don't worry, if I don't control, then I'm free falling into the unknown. So we worry, and worry, and dig our nails into the dirt tensing our whole body as to not be taken by the current.

The current of life flows as it flows, our worry, our control, actually makes no difference to the flow of life. Its moving in the direction its moving whether we are arguing with it or not.

If we are learning to swim, we eventually come to the realisation that if we are panicking, breathing heavily, kicking and screaming, anxious and worried, trying to force ourselves to float, we start to drown. But if we relax, and allow our breathing to settle, trust the water to hold us up we start floating. The water does all the work for us. This is the same for all of experience.

This is a beautiful metaphor for this thing we call life. Let life have you, it will hold you up, it will take you places you could never dream of yourself. Let the grace of life move you, talk you, act through you.

Each moment becomes a grace, whole in itself, and we see all the worry, all the fear, anxiety and the control never made one iota of difference to anything. It only caused us to feel as though we where drowning.

Step out of control and into trust, the same energy that grows a baby in the womb, moves the tides in and out, grows the trees and moves all of life has got you. Its waiting for you to gently surrender and trust it.


Matt Nettleton

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