Staying with present experience. (Breaking Karmic cycles)

Staying with present experience. (Breaking Karmic cycles)

If we look directly at our experience, there are two things happening. Firstly there is the mental noise which is the mind, a movement away from whats happening which is attempting to escape, shirk away from, manipulate and control whatever is happening now. But never actually achieving its goal.

The second thing happening, is whats actually happening. It may be a dense emotion triggered in the body's energy system, or it may be a fight flight or freeze response happening in the body, or deep feelings of loneliness, lack, shame in the gut area. Whatever it is, we can never actually escape from this.

It becomes part of our survival instinct to shirk away from directly experiencing these energies. Which is all addiction really is, which is why I say addiction is the human condition and nothing actually to do with any given substance, addiction simply is that first movement shirking away from directly experiencing whats happening now.

So we have two options, one is to follow the mind, and attempt to escape, manipulate or control whats happening. Which as I said never ACTUALLY works. We end up looping in circles stuck in thinking or stuck in our behaviours.

The other option, is to stay directly with experience. To not follow the mind and fall downward directly into the felt sense of whats happening. To feel whats happening, instead of think about whats happening.

We then begin to process all the trapped energy in our system. It may take weeks months or 20 years. But the more we stay with whats happening, it actually changes the energetic imprint in our system. Instead of our past recreating itself as a karmic cycle of thought, behaviour etc. We transmute those energies into presence, and the imprint of the past returns to Now. Another way of looking at it, is trapped life energy returns to its source.


Matt Nettleton

Senior NRAM Facilitator and Trainer

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