Simply Noticing

Simply Noticing.

Have you every allowed yourself to just simply notice? Without placing a demand, a judgement or a label, without interpreting or cognising.

Have you ever allowed yourself to just... Look...

The simplicity of the moment, the fingers on the keyboard, hitting one key at a time, each keystroke filled with joy and presence. No Covid-19, no government, no deficient self striving for improvement, no spiritual seeking, no fight or flight, no purpose.

Just this.....

Have you ever just let yourself actually be here. Without the struggle and without the need to fix or resolve anything.

This is the essence of unconditional love.

No demands. NO wanting things to be different. No struggling. Nofighting for our belief systems. No trying to get somewhere else. No stories or labels. No enemies. No escaping. No self. No others. No problem...

Just this...

Just looking. Just noticing.

What we are really seeking is ourselves.

We wish to know this looking. To notice the One noticing.

We wish to return back to the very place we are looking from. To the vulnerability of the naked, empty seeing. Prior to all the masks and the protective layers of the thoughts and the conditioning.

This is what is meant when we hear statements like what you are seeking is seeking you. What you are looking for is what is looking.

This pure unstained sentience...

This naked noticing that is intimately One with whatever is noticed.

The absence of judgement, the absence of struggle. The absence of a self structure.

Peace itself... Love itself... Just this....


Matt Nettleton


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