Resistance and feelings.


When we resist a feeling/sensation in the body it locks it in place. Our feelings are nothing more than movements of energy. But when we resist, we lock them into place.

Looking back over my life, I wasn't even aware that I had been resisting my emotions my whole life, I wasn't aware that I had enormous amounts of unconscious pain locked within my system. As it started to open my initial response was to resist, I could feel the density that was held within my body, and by any means possible I wanted to escape it.

Situations in life would continue to trigger these trapped energies, when they would surface my response would be to shirk away from them. I would try every trick in the book to keep them at bay. My heart felt like a hardened rock, my gut felt like a closed fist, and there was tension held all through the legs and arms, neck and shoulders. On top of all of that was a layer of unconscious resistance, which added to the tension, and a jammed up feeling within my nervous system. Which I was actually totally unaware of most of my life.

The more I become aware of where I resist, the more I bring attention to and make conscious the resistance and bring a "yes" to the "no" the more the resistance lets go all by itself.

Instead of fighting against the movement of energy, which is a reflection of our unconscious resistance to the flow of life, can we flow with the energy, can we become aware of our resistance and allow that first, and then move with the energy of these sensations?

When we flow with the energy movement happens, maybe for the first time in our lives we begin to free all these trapped energies. The body begins to flow more easily, triggers and contractions begin to drop away without us actually "doing" anything except allowing and moving with things instead of against them.

Its counter intuitive to begin to move toward everything we have pushed away, but with a skilful practice it most certainly can be done. As a result of continued practice our body feels much much lighter, our energy free's up and we feel more alive. These trapped sensations are just energies, they are life force, which have become stuck. Use your anxiety, depression, pain and triggers as a reminder. Your system is telling you something, its screaming for your attention, can you be open enough to listen?


Matt Nettleton

Senior NRAM Facilitator and Trainer.

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