Protection Vs Connection

Protection Vs Connection.

We are literally hardwired to seek deeper connection to life, we are hardwired to belong, to love, and to share. Our inherent nature is to cooperate, deep in our hearts we know this, we know we are not meant to feel seperate from each other and be in constant competition. Disconnection from our true nature is where the deep longing, seeking, and feelings of lack come from.

Along the way, somewhere in human history our survival instinct got out of control. Our body's survival instinct is supposed to protect us when our lives are threatened, like say when we see a tiger and we go into fight or flight and our system tells us run.

Our survival instinct has become like a humming bird in the background of our lives, constantly on red alert. Not because our lives are threatened, but lots of the time because our identity is threatened.

This is what happens when we are identified with thinking, we create a pseudo sense of self that needs protecting. And because we carry large amounts of unprocessed pain and trauma, the imaginary threat is intensified, that feeling of unsafety goes off the charts.

Everybody knows that feeling of impending doom, of danger lurking in the background, even when we are just sitting at home and there is no REAL threat, our system believes there is, most of the time playing out unconsciously on loop, or simply as a feeling that something is wrong. What if i loose my job? What if i don’t make enough money? What if this what if that...

This came about due to ancestral, collective trauma, personal trauma, and a complete misunderstanding of our true nature, we carry all of this within our system. We are born into a soup of trauma, of fear and anxiety. Our whole system is based on this fear. It has become our God. We worship it, believing that it will and is keeping us safe, but ultimately it is destroying us and bringing us to the brink of extinction.

Our true nature is one of love, but the way humans have been living for centuries has literally re-wired our system for protection. Trauma is the driver behind all of our dysfunction.

Imagine a world where we didn't feel we needed to protect ourselves from each other, where we didn't fear each other at all.

Notice what your mind says about that statement, the arguments may be along the lines of "But what about rapists, murderers, drug users, pedophiles, kidnappers etc".

That is trauma speaking, that feeling of unsafety thats lurking in the background. The reasons the mind gives that we should worry, is a trauma loop playing out, keeping us safe from true connection.

As we peel away the unconscious layers, we see that most of our protection is actually not rational, its irrational and protecting us from an imaginary threat, protecting our identity most of the time, and not actually our lives.

Its not enough to try to love each other, to try for connection. We must first remove all the blocks to this love, and then connection, love, belonging, and a new world will be the natural result.


Matt Nettleton

Senior KI Facilitator and Trainer

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