Primal/Survival Rage

Primal/Survival Rage.

Hidden within the depths of the belly, is our primal rage. Throughout our lives we have been conditioned to shut down our animalistic nature, understandably so as it terrifies us what we may be capable of if we let it loose.

The problem with this, is that it stays dormant, denied, and suppressed within our system, actually building in energy when its not expressed healthily. Ready to rear its head at any moment when triggered which is a large cause for many horrific acts of violence, rape, murder and much crime and abuse. That blackout rage surfaces and takes over ones whole being as the person looses control only to come out, regain awareness after the event and wondering what the hell has happened.

Its a type of collective trauma to have these energies suppressed. Its like caging a wild ape, and watching it grow angrier and angrier, and eventually, watching it loose the spark of life in its eyes. But life, will always have its way eventually.

Overtime, as we are abused, suffer distress, feel unsafe, feel humiliated, say yes when we really wanted to say no and shut down our authentic expression, this part of us that we continue to push down grows angrier, and understandably so!

We have all had those moments where we loose control over this rage, and its expression comes out whether we like it to or not, and it comes out sideways.

This energy is actually very intelligent. Its a survival mechanism. In ancient times it kept us safe and helped us to survive. If we would only allow its expression in a safe manner its energy would eventually leave the system, as its not needed anymore in our current way of living, and if we did allow it to surface and leave our system a large amount of hate, self loathing, and rage would leave be replaced by love and compassion. And our world would be a much kinder place.

This is not only intrinsic to humans, all animals have this energetic quality. But humans have become far far more damaging to the world, to each other, to other species and the environment. And this is what happens when we shut down these very intelligent energies within our system. They need expression or they will, and do, come out and cause extreme damage.

Go somewhere safe, and allow yourself to express yourself fully. Shake, Tremble, Scream, Yell, Cry, Shout, Let your body Quiver in Fear and Anger. Feel the energy of everything you have shut down course through your system, and let everything return to its naturalness. Feel the body sigh when it leaves. Your body will thank you for it...


Matt Nettleton

Senior NRAM Facilitator and Trainer

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