Pain and Addiction

The more of this work I do with people I can’t deny any more that addiction is just a symptom of deep emotional pain, and anyone who abuses a substance seems to actually be very sensitive in nature.

The drugs become our solution and the only way we can manage the living past within us. Although it’s easy for an outsider to say go deal with your trauma or your addiction, if we are not ready it does not matter what work we do it will be futile.

There is an epidemic of addiction in our society today, from prescription pills, to alcoholism, work addiction to the more typical hard drugs eg. ice and heroin. Why is that? Why are more and more people medicating themselves?

Well when I take a good look at society, the cost of living, the pain and suffering we continuously see on the news, the violence, the wars, the fears that are imbedded deep into our psychology! You must be afraid! You must worry! It’s no wonder people are seeking refuge in some sort of substance! Who wouldn’t! It’s a form of escaping not only the emotional pain we ourselves carry but also the emotional pain of the collective.

I believe we must all learn how to process emotions, feel our feelings and resolve them. I think It should be the first thing taught in schools, because if we don’t know how to do that we will always create and live from dysfunction and sooner or later seek to escape.


Matt Nettleton

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