Non Resistance (Getting out of the way)

Getting out of the way.

So often, if not always we are standing as an opposing force to experience, experiences of sadness, of rage, of depression, of circumstances that we consider wrong, standing in opposition to joy, love, happiness and bliss, we even stand in opposition to ourselves. We like to pretend that we are the boss of reality, and that us standing in opposition to it actually makes a difference.

Have you ever noticed that what is happening is happening regardless whether we are opposing it or not? Does our argument with it actually change the circumstance? Or is our argument with it only causing us suffering?

The "This shouldn't be, it should be different" belief is one of the most significant causes of our suffering.

There is the situation, then there is us standing as a road block to it. All experience moves and is fluid, lets use feelings for example, feelings are an energy that move through our system unimpeded when there is no resistance. But because we "don't want" these feelings, we set up a barrier within the damm putting a stopper in the natural flow of the experience.

We stand in opposition to waves of depression, of anxiety, of fear and sadness like we are holding on to a twig while the current crashes over us. Terrified that if we are fully taken by the current, we might never get out.

If we can gather the courage to slowly loosen our grip, and let ourselves be taken by the current it becomes more and more obvious that the movement of experience has a natural flow and resolves itself. It was us standing in opposition to it that caused it to stay.

This "Getting out of the way" is a path of least resistance. When we are out of the way, we are in harmony with what is, we are in harmony with life, with experience itself. The gap between "me" and the experience gradually ebbs away, and we become one with experience, and life is nothing but experience.

Instead of us feeling like we are here to dictate and control our experience, we start to dance with it, flow with it, become one with it, even the experiences we so habitually push away. All experience is transitory, it all arises and falls by itself and as we become less and less sticky, less and less resistant, as we hold on to less and less things, things can start to move through us effortlessly.


Matt Nettleton

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