Returning Back to Life

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

Returning back to life.

So many times I ask people how often they are actually present in this moment and the answer is, rarely or never. But this moment, is where life happens, its the only place we ever really are, and the only place we are ever whole.

Its where we feel, its where we love, its where we experience joy, happiness, sadness, anger, despair, connection, belonging and everything else.

But it seems, our attention is very rarely actually where we are. We are off in some other future moment which never arrives, or we are stuck thinking of the past. Never truly experiencing the beauty, the love, and the joy of being alive.

This life is a gift, its magnificent, just as it is.

Seeing this moment as it is, is all there is... This is it.

Instead of allowing all our thoughts, all our stories, all our baggage to cover up this moment, to absorb all our attention, can we start to peer through these clouds and see the sun? Can we see through a different kind of vision? A vision that doesn't view the world through a filter, through narratives, into the beauty that exists just below the surface of the rippling mind.

Some people get a glimpse, only for the clouds to return and cover up what was seen, and then they forget. Others have a longing to return to life that is so intense all the roadblocks simply shift away.

The journey back to life, is simply a journey back to where we have always been. To where we always are. We have never been anywhere else, except in the dreaming mind.

Allow this moment to arise in the gentle presence that you are. Allow all your feelings to come up and be felt without resistance. Celebrate yourself, celebrate life, celebrate death, celebrate pain, celebrate despair, celebrate this moment and everything it holds. Because this moment is a miracle. This moment is where you will find your wholeness. This moment is where you will find life, and where you will realise nothing is lacking, and nothing is wrong.

With this very simple realisation, we can begin emptying out. We can begin allowing all the hurt, wounded parts of ourselves to arise, and embrace them with the gentle gaze of our attention. All these parts of us can then return home, return to now, return to life.

You are all so loved, and so celebrated.

Life is calling you home, calling you to wake up.

Make this moment your home.

Peace, Matt Nettleton

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