Love And Wholeness

Love and Wholeness

Underneath all the waves, the conditioned patterns of mind, the turbulent feelings of anxiety and pain and trauma exists a pool of infinite depth.

Our attention is so focused on the surface, on the down pour of rain and chaos above that we loose the ability to rest within ourselves, we loose touch with the moment, with our Presence, with our ability to just Be.

The patterns of the conditioned mind and the currents that drag us about all through the day exist only on the surface. Our True depth still remains unknown to most human beings, and the very searching for it is nothing more than a movement away from it.

We search for love outside, we search for conclusions, we search for meaning, we search for magic bullets in the forms of healing, teachers, relationships, we search for love and permanency in transient places.

We search and search until we bring ourselves to our knees in utter exhaustion, over and over again.

All the while, missing our inherent wholeness. In the midst of pain, in the midst of grief and turmoil we are always and eternally surrounded by everything we have ever wanted. Due to our attention being only on that which changes, we miss that which doesn't.

We spend our lives with an unhealthy desire to continuously rearrange ourselves, attempting to make the transient permanent, and we suffer accordingly trying to do the impossible.

We are multidimensional, on a human level we will always remain incomplete, we will never be perfect human beings, and thank god for that! How boring that would be! I am falling in love with the messiness of what it means to be human!

To be human means to have faults, to make mistakes, to have wounds and to experience the whole spectrum of human emotions. on the Being level, we are already whole and complete, we never left our Home, we were never wounded, we are in exactly the same place as where we started.

Feel into the completeness in this moment, the completeness thats already Here and Now. Get a sense of what its like to just "Be". And then notice that the incompleteness is included within the completeness. Happening within, and not seperate from the completeness. Both sides of the coin are included, they are the same coin.

Our incompleteness, and our completeness together, is what makes a human being already whole.

Only by making this discovery for ourselves, and experiencing it directly can we begin to truly live.


Matt Nettleton

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