Let it be.

We have all tried and tried to escape this thing we call human pain, condemning it, medicating it, fighting against it, trying to think our way out of it, meditate our way out of it, using and drinking to numb it, sleeping our way through it, recreating our spiritual selves to mask it, We have tried everything, except being with it.

It’s counter intuitive, but in order to truly heal it, we must slowly learn to welcome it.

How hard it is for us, this simple act, of allowing ourselves to be as we are, as we are so conditioned to run from ourselves.

This wound, that’s within all of us won’t go away by running.

We can’t bypass it. We have to learn to honour it all. Usually, we exhaust ourselves by running, finally giving up manipulating and controlling experience, and we let it be.

Achieving total failure. Surrender...

To let go, really means to let be...


Matt Nettleton.

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