All that we see and reject in the world are just parts of ourselves we have abandoned, it starts with you and ends with you. There is only you. Settle for nothing less than total self surrender, till all you are able to see, is Love.

The destruction, the pain, fury, torment, trauma, anxiety, turmoil, abandonment, betrayal, the violence and the cruelty. All that we despise about the world, lives in all of us. There is no outside world.

Abandoned into the depths of the unconscious, projected outward onto each other and our beautiful earth. To hate violence is an act of violence, the very fighting for peace is a destroyer of peace. We cannot fight against something outward without coming from that same trait within ourselves.

We are all screaming for silence.

Our pain, is our collective pain. Our shadows are that which we have casted aside, buried and suppressed within ourselves beneath layers and layers of shame, self hatred and guilt. We are all treading water, overcompensating for a deeper sense of lack, terrified of being swallowed by whats really hiding below the surface.

Dive into the deepest depths of this collective wound. Find out whats inside, allow it to surface and feel the shame of knowing there is nothing outside of you, the shame of knowing all that you despise outside of yourself also lives in you. Allow it all to surface so completely that it transmutes itself into compassion and love.

Life is calling us, bit by bit to allow it, to feel it, to not act upon it, avoid it, or project it anymore, but to welcome in all the abandoned parts of ourselves that have stayed dormant for centuries within the human psyche.

You have tried everything to change it, but it doesn't want to be changed, it want to be seen, allowed and felt.

We don't heal by changing the way we feel, we heal by feeling, by letting it break open.

This is how we liberate ourselves from our shadows, and how we will save our beautiful planet. By welcoming the fury, the anger, the fear, the shame, the pain, the unworthiness, the unlovability, welcoming all the hurt that drove us into our current situation.

By bringing these rejected parts of us to the surface, and unconditionally loving them to death.


Matt Nettleton

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