Gentle and Compassionate Stillness

Gentle and Compassionate Stillness

As often as you remember, take gentle moments of stillness all through the day. Widen your awareness to include more of the moment, allow yourself to gently open... Welcome home the hurt, and give attention to that which you have avoided giving attention to.

Just Look...

If this creates uncertainty, feelings of not being safe, or of overwhelm. Stop, pause, and gently rest attention on the felt sense within the body.

The gentle giving of attention or resting attention on is a very different energy to what you are used to, you are used to the habitual part of the mind that attempts to fix, to bully, to overcome, or to push away pain.

The orphaned emotions, the orphaned traumas are not being asked to be resolved. They are simply needing to be seen.

The attempting to resolve our pain is itself a cause of pain. The attempting to resolve our suffering is itself a cause of suffering.

The attempting to be unconditionally loving is itself a condition. The belief in the story that it is just a story, or its just a belief, is just another story to be believed.

The very act of trying to heal it is just another subtle way of keeping the wounded child an orphan. To not truly see him. To keep him at a distance.

The simple act of "looking". The simple and compassionate attention is already allowing all to be as it is.

Slow way down...

One thing at a time, just look...

Drop all agendas of trying to fix, trying to resolve, trying to get anywhere or trying to heal or make go away...

Welcome them back home...

Invite them in to stay...

Matt Nettleton

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