Belief, Suffering and Stillness

Notice that whenever you believe a thought your body reacts as if that thought is actually happening.

The body does not know the difference between what is happening in our imagination (The thinking mind) and what is actually happening in the outside world, it reacts exactly the same to an imagined image/thought as it does to an event occurring outside.

Imagine biting into a lemon, you may notice the mouth salivating, the bitter reaction in your mouth and jaw line and also a tensing of certain muscles. The exact same thing happens as if you are actually biting into a lemon.

Whenever we have a thought, whether conscious or unconscious, and it remains unquestioned our body reacts as if that thought is true. Thousands and thousand of thoughts enter our minds throughout the day, driven by deficient core belief systems and in the average human all of which remain unquestioned. This means that the mind has really taken possession of the person. Usually, they are anxious, depressive and horrible thoughts telling us a deficiency story about who we are and what the world is, because we believe it, it manifests as a felt sense in the body.

These words/images that are believed are then velcro'd to the felt sense in the body, which give it a seeming reality. Which then create the illusion of a seperate, deficient individual with all his/her problems.

Inquiring into thoughts, deconstructing the centre beliefs, and even the centre self is imperative if we are going to end our suffering.

What would it be like if when these thoughts entered our mind we simply didn't believe them? What if we could literally just see them as words and images, and if our body did not react to every thought that entered as if it was true. We would find a sense of peace.

No belief is true, it is merely belief, a thought. All beliefs are acquired and learned through events, words, memories etc. We can go to war with others, argue, even die for our unquestioned beliefs. For things we can never be certain are absolute truth.

When our core belief systems, core deficiency stories are seen through. The whole identity that we took ourselves to be can start to unravel. We can see through this "centre" idea of who we took ourselves to be, we see it to be completely false, a misunderstanding.

And what is it thats left when we stop thinking? Because if its not happening when we are not thinking then its not actually happening.

Become present for brief moments of the day, and notice how the mind stops and a stillness enters. Take notice that all there actually is is this moment, as it is, all else is just a story in the mind. We don't need to believe anything about the present moment for it to be as it is, it already is as it is.

By taking away our belief in thoughts, we take away our super impositions over a naked, beautiful and magnificent reality. We take away our false, deficient superimpositions over our naked, beautiful true Self.

We can then enter the Silence, the Stillness and the Peace that underlies all experience. And we return home to Now, to our True Self, to where we have always been.

Matt Nettleton

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