Begin Where You Are.

Begin Exactly Where You Are.

This moment, right now. Thats where you are, so thats what you work with, thats where you begin.

Trust this moment, it holds the key. Whats here is here and our pushing it away is only throwing petrol on the fire. Can we begin to work with exactly what we have right now, in this moment?

Drop all the expectations of being somewhere else, of where this is all heading, of hopes and dreams of a better life, a more enlightened life, a day when all wounds will be healed and all traumas brought to the light. Drop it all, and just be present right here, exactly as you are.

Stay with this moment, it will reveal its self to you as complete if you stay with it long enough. There is nothing wrong, there never was except within imagination. This moment, right Now, is complete. Your misunderstanding arose from your attention being elsewhere.

So begin again, right now in this moment, with whatever is here, within and without. And when you forget and get lost in the past or the future, just notice that, and begin again, Here and Now.

Where you are, is here. You are always here. So begin exactly where you always are. Forget the rest of it, and just be here with yourself. You have abandoned yourself enough. Its time to return home.

Stay with the despair, the hurt, the rage and the shame. Dont move away from it, and watch the Devine alchemy of presence transform you. Your presence is the Grace, your presence is the healer, your presence is the Light, your presence is the Love you have been seeking.


Matt Nettleton

Senior KI Facilitator and trainer

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