Addiction - The Dark Carousel Of Humanity.

Addiction - The Dark Carousel Of Humanity.

After a talk I gave today, my final one for the year I have been reflecting on the current urgency for all of humanity to have a paradigm shift. My talk was specifically to people suffering from substance abuse, and the topic was trauma and addiction.

The more I spoke, the more I drew on the conclusion that this is not a issue specific to people who use drugs/alcohol (the people in the room). Its a condition all of humanity suffers from.

From the very moment we wake up in the morning our attention leaks outwardly and its as if we are stuck on autopilot going through the same routines, the same pain, anxiety and stresses driving our lives. The same feelings, and the same behaviours/conditionings acting out, and then seeking relief from those feelings. Its a wheel, forever stuck on a collective carousel which is about ready to collapse.

All humans want connection, want love, want to belong. In other words, all human beings have a natural desire to seek wholeness. The world WE have created demands our attention and promises us this wholeness, but it never lives up to its promise, only temporary satisfaction (exactly like a drug). We are all addicted to the world/system we have built. Totally addicted... And we call that addiction functional, and anything that is outside of that "functionality" we call dysfunctional or weird. But the problem is that the world we have built is destroying the natural world. Just like a drug user being promised relief from the drug, while the addiction destroys his/her life, we are promised wholeness within our system, while at the same time its destroying us. This cycle of addiction is happening on a planetary scale...

We are all addicted, because we are all terrified of facing the feelings that would come up if we didn't have our system to support us. But as I said, the system is destroying us and all life on earth. And I'm sure there will be people reading this that will deny what I'm saying, just as when someone tells a drug user they are destroying their lives and they stay in denial until its destructive effects come to the point of nearly killing them or their loved ones.

Its the same cycle, the same wheel, the same carousel. It is all addiction...

We inherited so much of our wounding, so much of it is cultural and collective wounding. Feelings of unworthiness that arise from collective expectations that none of us can really live up to, chasing carrots dangling in front of our faces that are built on other peoples idea's of perfection that none of us will ever attain... So we seek to become "someone" within the system, to build something, to make our parents proud as a way of overcompensating for our deep, deep sense of unworthiness, and finding only temporary relief which perpetuates the wounding and the cycle... Again, no different to addiction to drugs/alcohol.

This cycle of insanity begins to break when we become aware of it. For so long we have been unconsciously playing out this programming. But by making it conscious, we can begin to make changes.

We have been chasing this carrot, this false promise, seeking love and wholeness outside, going around and around on the carousel and avoiding turning around and facing the wounds that drive the whole thing.

Its time for us all to turn back around...


Matt Nettleton

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