Addiction - A Survival Pattern

Survival Patterns.

Any attempt to change behavioural patterns that are symptomatic of trauma by using the force of will is impossible. The survival instinct cannot be controlled by willpower. This is why we cannot hold our breath till we pass out, our system will not let us. At a certain point we will gasp for air no matter how hard we try not to. The survival instinct of the body is a far, far stronger force than any conscious force we are capable of imposing onto our experience.

Many of the destructive patterns we play out are unconsciously learned in early childhood and directly linked to survival. They are patterns we learnt in order to survive. This is why later in life no matter how hard we try we cannot stop ourselves from playing them out, whether it be addictions, relationship patters, self sabotage etc.

Does this sound familiar?

Is addiction anything more than just this pattern playing itself out?

Trauma is a survival pattern and any attempt to override the survival instinct by act of willpower is impossible.

Matt Nettleton


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