My Journey


Hello, my name is Matt Nettleton.


Looking back at my experiences throughout life, I never felt safe,

I never felt like I belonged here.

From a very early age I began to build what I call now a deficiency story,

a narrative about myself that was telling me there's

something really wrong with who I am.


I started to gather beliefs about who I was, and about what the world is,

none of which where true. Unfortunately, I was never taught how to process emotions, I was taught by our culture to run away from negative feelings, and as a result of this I then carried a large amount of unprocessed pain in my body and I’m sure a lot of you reading this can probably relate. 


I spent the next 13 years from age 12 through to 25 in chaos. I used all kinds of drugs as a way to escape myself, I attempted rehab 17 times and continued to relapse. 


My addiction to heroin, methamphetamine, prescription medications and other drugs, was a symptom of my trauma, which is now clear was the motivating factor behind the need to use, I was seeking relief from my pain, from my trauma, from myself. 


When I got into recovery, I began to really work with and let go of a lot of the trauma in the body with the help of a skilled trauma therapist, I processed large chunks of the unprocessed pain and belief systems I had acquired over the duration of my life up until that moment. 

I started to experience a rapid falling away of who I had taken myself to be. A moment occurred when I realised there was something left, something had always been there, changeless and ever present. Beyond the painful identity structures, even beyond positive identity structures. I realised the truth of who I was. 



My aim now, is to help people be free from trauma and all the issues I suffered from my whole life. To assist someone to see through the narratives that the mind tells us about who we are and my first hand experience is invaluable when connecting with clients.


I have worked with and helped people from all over the world, including USA, UK, Austria, Ireland, Africa and Australia.


My qualifications and types of sessions I offer are as follows:


Senior Facilitator and Trainer In NRAM (Natural Rest Advanced Mindfulness)

The Richards Trauma Process

Meridian Tapping


Mentoring Sessions



“There is a transformation waiting to happen, its already within you, the flame is just waiting to be ignited.”

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