Self Inquiry Course

in the Kiloby Inquiries

with Matt Nettleton

& Julianne Eanniello

Learn to Effectively Self Facilitate.

The Kiloby Inquiries are a simple, direct way of looking at our present experience, and we are seeing many find real freedom in their lives when they look in this way. Some have asked for help in learning to do the inquiries on their own, so here it is.


Self-facilitation can be a wonderful gift you give yourself. While it doesn't replace being facilitated by a trained and certified facilitator, it can be highly beneficial to be able to look on your own, in the moment the stories show up.

What will be Covered?

In this course, we will focus on learning and practicing:

  • Natural Rest

  • Simple Inquiry

  • Boomerangs

  • Reverse Inquiry

  • Utility Inquiry

  • and MORE


We will also learn what it means, and how to look at words and pictures, and how to feel body energies.

Details and Registration

There will be 3 group calls:
February 15, 4 pm pacific time/February 16, 11 am Melbourne time
February 29, 4 pm pacific time/March 1, 11 am Melbourne time
March 14, 4 pm pacific time/March 15, 11 am Melbourne time

In addition, you will receive 2 session each with Matt and Julianne. In those sessions, we will help you practice self-facilitation.

Cost: $550 USD

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