Practitioner Training

Embodied Processing

Ryan & Matt have incorporated the best methods to help practitioners and clients deepen not only their ability to work with what was once unworkable with normal psychology, but to also deepen into themselves and live a much more present and embodied life.

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Going Deep
with Matt and Ryan

This course comprehensively covers 8 topics most critical to mental health. Arm yourself with the knowledge and new paradigms to best help yourself and/or others in the quest to be at peace and in love with life.

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Families of Addicts
Support Course

This course is for the families.

There are so many resources, rehabs and support for addicts themselves. We realise that the whole family is affected when a loved one suffers from addiction.


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Free Course

Investigating your Relationship to Life

By asking the question

“What is my relationship to this moment”

we instantly have the opportunity to make conscious unseen thought patterns and resistances that cause unneeded suffering.

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Paid Full Course

Investigating your Relationship to Life

This course is a follow on from Ryan & Matt's free course. This time diving much deeper with 24 video modules spread over 9 sections.

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Free Introductory Course

Understanding Trauma

"Trauma has to be one of the most misunderstood forms of human suffering and underlies many mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and addiction"

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