How we work

The problem is not in the conscious mind, I spent years and years in talk therapy and although this was very helpful eventually an alternative had to be sought. When a extremely distressing event happens and PTSD occurs because of this, the body does not store the event as a memory, the unconscious mind thinks the event is still happening. What I have realised is this is where it must be resolved and until then, one can only learn to manage it.


The work I do bypasses the conscious mind and talks directly to the body bringing the client from fight flight freeze, to safe and calm. When the body knows the event is over and it is now safe, the triggers also dissolve. The way these processes work and how I use them uses the clients imagination, returning to the memory and changing it. Resolving it and leaving it in the past for good, in these hypnotic states is where it can be resolved in the unconscious.

Not only are negative emotions and triggers able to be resolved, but also limiting self beliefs eg. "I'm not good enough", "I can't trust people", etc. The prime objective of the unconscious mind is to keep the body safe, so somewhere along the way the unconscious mind got the "idea" that holding on to these negative emotions and beliefs is keeping the persons body safe, which is actually in direct conflict with its prime objective. 


When given another option to resolve this negative emotion and get results in a way that is safer for the person and the body,it will always go that way. If someone is trying to lose weight and has trauma, for example sexual abuse, they may sabotage themselves every time they try to lose weight.  This is because their unconscious may have a belief along the lines of "if I'm unattractive I'm safe".  Until this is resolved they may continue to attempt to lose weight but the unconscious will sabotage them over and over.


These unconscious patterns are what I help to resolve. Giving people the freedom of choice again in their lives by putting the conscious and unconscious mind back into synchronicity with the same goal. We all have had a behaviour we don't want anymore but continue to play out.  This continues sometimes for a lifetime or until it is made conscious and resolved unconsciously.

I ask clients to write a list of the top 10-12 distressing events in their life.  From there we work on removing the emotional charge out of each event.   When this happens, I have found through my own and my clients experience that a lot of other issues collapse along with them, including physical ones.


When this happens the client sometimes then asks "Well I don't know who I am now" this is when we create the future and they are then free to decide who they want to be having a totally clean slate.

This is the final part of the process. For more information please Contact Us